• During Your First Visit

    Our commitment to you is we will not waste your time or money!

    We review your current health, your health history and what you want from our care to ensure that our service is right for you right now. If we don't feel we are the best support for you, we will refer you to another chiropractor or other health professional appropriate for your needs.
    Depending on how you present to us, we will then peform either a focused or comprehensive examination, including specific testing which identifies the functional status of your nervous system - how well your brain and body are talking to one another! These tests are the latest in health technology and help us understand your true health status. Other analysis we may perform include balance and coordination, functional fitness tests, posture and more...

    In many cases it is necessary to refer you for specialised imaging of your spine, such as x-rays.
    This consult and exam allows us to prepare a personalise report of findings and design the most appropriate care-plan for you going forward. 

  • Please download, print and complete our new client intake packet at the link below.
    This saves you time and gives you the opportunity to answer thoroughly - helping us understand you, your health and the goals or outcomes you want to achieve in more depth.

    From this we can design the most appropriate care-plan for you going forward. We will review this information with you on your first visit. 


    This ‘packet’ contains our new client health history form (pages 2-4) a wellness evaluation we use to measure the progress of your care (page 5) and our Informed Consent statement (pages 6-7) which we ask you to read (but not sign!) before your first visit at our centre.

    Informed Consent is about you understanding benefits, risks and alternatives to the proposed care.
    We will review it with you and get you to sign this document for our records.

    Download Intake Forms Here

  • On Your Second Visit

    This second visit will either be later the same day or on a subsequent day.

    We provide your report of findings, clarify any details you may require, review what you really want to get from your chiropractic and lifestyle care, set clear goals and timeframes and then confirm the care-plan that works for you.

    A critical part of this is to set your re-exam date for us to judge your progress!
    We will begin your chiropractic care on this visit.

    Chiropractic adjustments may be delivered by hand or specialised tables & instruments; they are usually very fast and very gentle, however we explain in detail what we do and why before we proceed. Our care consists of a range of methods and techniques, such that we can modfiy our approach as necessary for your comfort and to achieve the best outcomes for you in the fastest possible time.

    We may cross-refer and/or co-manage your health with others in the health 'sphere' if we find this necessary.

  • Payment Options:

    We want to make sure chiropractic care is affordable for the whole family!

    We provide visit 'packages' (12, 24, 50) for purchase which can reduce the cost of your care.

    • You can still use private insurance with these packages which will effectively mean your credit will cover more visits than the original package!

    Of course you are always welcome to pay per visit at time of service.

    • We have HICAPS on site, with all private insurance funds accepted
    • We accept cash, card and PayPal
    • We will happily manage payments for DVA clients as well as EPC (team-care agreement) referrals from your GP