• So why do you want to use us? What makes us different

    Optimal Life Health Centres exist to help you develop a more proactive, preventative approach to your health and healthcare – working to enhance and improve your life rather than focussing on health only as a reaction to pain or other symptoms (sadly symptoms occur very late in any disease or dysfunction process).

    Of course this doesn’t exclude people with symptoms! We will absolutely work with you to resolve them as the first step toward functioning better for the long term!

    Our focus is to help you live a more conscious life, develop awareness about the causes of dysfunction and dis-ease (whether subtle or overt!) and improve upon where you are now.

    We work toward an inspired community who live with vibrant, extraordinary health,
    by CHOICE, not by chance.


    At Optimal Life Health Centres in Noosa we offer two services (combined or separately, as per your needs) to help you improve your health and wellbeing:

    Optimal Life Chiropractic Care, and

    Optimal Life Health & Wellness Coaching

    (Advice, strategies and a plan for success to help you to live a better quality of life)

    Our approach can vary depending on who you are and your health goals.
    How ‘Optimal’ is defined can be different for different people; put simply it’s some form of improved quality of life.

    We support you in the right path for you:

    • Some people simply want help getting out of pain or resolving ‘symptoms’.
    • Some want to work toward improving things which they have thought are ‘just normal’ with the passing of the years.
    • For others it’s about enhancing every aspect of their lives and always searching for that next improvement. (These people are often already ‘healthy’ yet they seek help to find out how to live life even better!)

    Whatever your meaning of Optimal Life, we’ll help you move toward it, whether that’s a couple of steps forward, making wholesale change in your life, or something in-between!

    The Optimal Life Health Centres underlying philosophy is that our bodies are designed to be healthy, that we are MEANT to be exceptional, and our choices flow from there...

    Our bodies regulate exactly as they need to and can self-heal in incredible ways, assuming we reduce or remove the things that prevent or interfere with that process. Often spinal and nerve-system dysfunction is one of those things, and sadly it rarely presents with overt pain or symptoms.

    Functioning at your best requires many things!


    Optimum Function of your Nervous System

    (addressed through Chiropractic Care)


    Eating, Moving, Thinking, and Social Interaction 

    in the ways our bodies genetically require

    (addressed through Health & Wellness Coaching)

    The great news is you get to choose your journey - what to implement, when and for how long.

    And your goals may change over time – but your needs and wants are always most important to us.
    We reassess your progress regularly to make sure what we are doing is matching to the goals you want to achieve.