• Chiropractic is a broad profession and there can be differences in what different chiropractors offer to their clients.

    This can be confusing as you may visit a different chiropractor and be given a different explanation about what chiropractic is.

    At the heart of it, all chiropractors focus on improving the function of the spine and nervous system to influence your health and wellbeing.

    Some chiropractors could be described as ‘pain & condition’ chiropractors and at the other end of the spectrum are ‘wellness’ chiropractors.

    Such descriptions are not clear-cut, and there are many variations between them, however, in general:

    • ‘Pain & condition’ chiropractors often choose to limit their focus to helping diagnose and treat various symptoms and biomechanical syndromes – these are common ones that people tend to ‘associate’ with chiropractors – things like back pain, neck pain and headache.
    • ‘Wellness’ chiropractors may also help in this way and yet additionally they hold that chiropractic MAY be one strategy of contributing to better overall health and function. Not the only contributing factor, but definitely a major one! (To understand why, click here)

    Here at Optimal Life Health Centres, we operate with this wellness philosophical basis as the underlying framework for the recommendations we provide.

    Wellness chiropractors choose not to diagnose, treat, cure or fix.
    We are here to help you maximise the function inherent in your own body – you are the healer, not us!

    We do however use thorough assessments, we form a clinical impression, and we support you through a variety of means to improve your body function – both when you do have overt symptoms and also when you don’t!