• What is a Subluxation?

    It must first be said that a 'medical' subluxation is defined differently to a chiropractic 'subluxation' - confusing, but true!

    Chiropractic Subluxation:

    A subluxation is the 'entity' chiropractors assess and examine for, to determine if an adjustment is clinically necessary.

    Subluxations can occur in ANY joint of the body, although primarily chiropractors address subluxations in the spinal joints (where they are given a more comprehensive name: Vertebral Subluxation Complex - VSC).

    VSC is a syndrome or model of physiologic and/or pathologic changes that occur when joints are not moving correctly - it includes change in movement or range, change to neurologic function, change to tissues including muscle and ligaments, and inflammation at the local level.

    A simple model to understand subluxation is one of DYSREGULATION - ie. innappropriate regulation of function resulting from joint dysfunction - the results of which are far from simple: Dysponesis, Dyskinesia, Dysautonomia and Dysafferentation.

    There are both biomechanical and broader functional components of subluxation.

    Looking just at the biomechanical aspects, subluxations are generally of two primary types - 

    A STATIC SUBLUXATION where the joint is literally 'stuck' and not moving freely they way it is supposed to (in its own range of motion and/or relative to neighbouring joints), or

    A DYNAMIC SUBLUXATION where movement is still occurring but NOT in the full range or in the correct character that is normal.

    In either case the subluxation may only be fractions of a milimetre, and often there are no overt symptoms to tell you they are present.

    No joint of the body is designed to be compromised. Think about it. If your knee joint was not moving in its full range, would you not want to work to improve that range? While the knee joint is NOT working at its best will it degenerate, cause pain, muscle spasm, inflammation? The same applies for the many joints of the spine.

    We actually know that the biochemical changes that mark the beginning of degeneration begin to occur within 24 hours of a joint's motion being compromised!

    Subluxations sadly become 'patterned' - the body adapts and effectively 'learns' to subluxate specific joints in your body as a protective reflex when under stressful stimuli.

    Subluxations are caused by our inability to handle life’s three major stressors; physical, mental-emotional and chemical.

    Left uncorrected, subluxations can degenerate and worse. They may contribute to breakdown, malfunction and dis-ease. 

    Subluxations are a health problem not a back problem!